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Success is where preparation and opportunity meet.

As there is great joy in making a film, it makes it worthy when watched by someone. There is also joy in watching the film with the loved ones or many times by ourselves. It takes us to another universe that can be truly experienced. 

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Money won't create success, the freedom to make it will.

Many times money enables success, but surely its not the beginning of success. It begins with a thought to change the world for the better, the freedom to make a choice to be different does.

Another famous quote

Success is not a good teacher, failure makes you humble.

Journey to success is paved with many setbacks but alas, temporary setbacks only. One has not failed until one gives up.

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Amazing concept 😍 Loved the way you conveyed a strong message in such few words. A must watch movie (Children of Tomorrow). I wish you more of successes. Looking forward to see more good movies from you. 😁
"Children of tomorrow is a must watch. It captures the emotions of a young boy quite well into his adulthood and portrays how some incidents in ones life impact human beings. Though initially, i felt it could have been a mix of Kannada-English movie, as you keep getting deeper into the movie, this feeling is gradually overcome. Every character has done justice to the movie, especially the main protagonist who manages all the emotions without much dialogues . It is quite amazing that Narendra Kumar has donned multiple hats in the movie like music, eding, cinematography (and a small appearance !) apart from writing and directing the movie. I wish Narendra Kumar all the best for this film and his future projects as well."
"Nice camera work, editing and execution! Hardwork is visible in every frame! Waiting for more movies :-)"
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