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Children of Tomorrow


A child arrives at Bangalore city (India) and is forced to work for money in a garage as he has to live by himself. Destiny makes him discover himself through various circumstances as he also grows up in Singapore as an adult.
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Soulful Filmmaking!

Written & Directed by Narendra Kumar J
Cinematography by Narendra Kumar J and Gomtesh Upadhye
Original Music by Narendra Kumar J
Cast: Kushaal Patel, Gajendar Dave, Ujwal Patel, Kangan Upadhye, Rajesh Toranagatti, Murthy Patel, Sira Ushapp
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 97 Minutes Language: English

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9 reviews for Children of Tomorrow

  1. Sagar Dhongady (verified owner)

    Watched the movie Narendra 😁
    Amazing concept 😍
    Loved the way you conveyed a strong message in such few words.
    A must watch movie.
    I wish you more of successes.
    Looking forward to see more good movies from you. 😁

  2. Rajiv Nagaraja (verified owner)

    Children of tomorrow is a must watch. It captures the emotions of a young boy quite well into his adulthood and portrays how some incidents in ones life impact human beings. Though initially, i felt it could have been a mix of Kannada-English movie, as you keep getting deeper into the movie, this feeling is gradually overcome. Every character has done justice to the movie, especially the main protagonist who manages all the emotions without much dialogues . It is quite amazing that Narendra Kumar has donned multiple hats in the movie like music, eding, cinematography (and a small appearance !) apart from writing and directing the movie. I wish Narendra Kumar all the best for this film and his future projects as well.

  3. Ravikiran Dn (verified owner)

    Nice camera work, editing and execution! Hardwork is visible in every frame! Waiting for more movies 🙂

  4. Rohit Vijayan (verified owner)

    Very well made movie. Emotions have been beautifully conveyed through silence. The background score stands out. Waiting for many more movies from Narendra.

  5. Ravi V (verified owner)

    good effort. many aspects of good film-making are there – camera work, casting, editing, music… the story is also touching. am not a film critic. but an average film-watcher. found it lagging in the beginning. was impatient. took me a while to get into the pace of the film.

  6. gchandrat (verified owner)

    Review for Children of Tomorrow
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    I always believe that a good film depends on the way a story is told more than the story itself. ‘Children of Tomorrow’ is an endearing tale told beautifully through the journey of a boy into the person he struggles to accept and believe in. Beautifully directed by Narendra Kumar J while juggling with multiple tasks like music,editing and composition,it’s a visual and emotional treat of 90 minutes. Bravo to the entire cast and crew for a brilliant performance.

  7. Sreesha B (verified owner)

    There are some movies that may not entertain you from outside; but they awaken you from inside.

    Is “Happiness” a pursuit or a realization? Is the larger purpose of LIFE about living or giving? Is conscious mind a part of Subconscious? Does education and wealth define goals and contentment? Can we dream childlike and live childlike?

    CoT will melt you. Soulful making by Narendra.

    Here is an honest attempt by an earnest filmmaker whose deep introspection has found an expression that is so poignant, and yet, so subtle, simple and hard-hitting; And am glad he adopted the film medium to express.

    The characters are real, something we will experience in one way or the other. There is utter simplicity in screenplay, yet sheer excellence in craft. Edits are slick and nick. Top-notch performances by Kushal Patel, Gajendra Dave and Sira Ushapp. Each one of them make you believe that this is true life.

    I always used to think indie films are yet to catch up in India. But with CoT, Narendra Kumar comes with a big bang. Here is a filmmaker who wants to communicate so much to the world. And he has done it all by himself: Production, Story, Screenplay, Direction, Music, Cinematography and Editing. Take a big bow Narendra🙏.

    It was my fortune to have met Narendra at BIFFES 3 years back. And this simple modest man had spoken to me so passionately about his making of CoT. From then, we have been discussing and talking plenty. Today it was my benediction to have watched his soulful work. Thanks for leading me into this Narendra…to me it was both entertaining and learning. Am sure the world will soon realize what a great talent we have in India. Matter of time, you will soon be India’s answer to Majidi Majid. You must apply to as many international festivals possible, am certain the Jury will be overwhelmed and stunned…and this product will make India proud! Once again, my heartiest congratulations.

    Friends, CoT is available on OTT at Symhpony Cinemas. Please support efforts like this. Lets add our 2cents and encourage.

  8. Hetal Bhatt (verified owner)

    Awesomely conceptualized and superb characterization.Sometimes silence speaks a thousand words, the emotions and thoughts have been felt and showcased beautifully. A social concept that needs to be made aware in the society and this movie does this to a larger extent.. excellent efforts and kudos to the entire cast and crew.. looking forward for many more movies Nary, way to go!!

  9. Lokesh R (verified owner)

    Review for Children of Tomorrow
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

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