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Yes, once you buy a ticket to watch, you become an affiliate, after that visit https://symphonycinemas.com/affiliates and under ‘Affiliate links’ tab, copy your affiliate id FULL URL and start sharing the link on your website/messengers/social media walls etc.

When anyone buys a ticket after clicking from the link you just posted that has your affiliate id tagged, your affiliate commission balance shall be updated automatically under the affiliates homepage mentioned above.

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Buy a ticket for Children of Tomorrow


Affiliate FAQs:

  1. Can I buy any one of the two price options for Children of Tomorrow film ticket?
    • Ans: Yes
  2. Is commission applicable only for Children of Tomorrow?
    • Ans: Yes, commission can be earned only for the sale of tickets for Children of Tomorrow but not any other film hosted now or in the future
  3. Will film ticket sale price change anytime?
    • Ans: Yes, film ticket sale price will be dynamically updated regularly and may vary from time to time (without prior notice)
  4. What percentage of commission will one earn?
    • Ans: For Children of Tomorrow it is 25% for every ticket sold through the affiliate link.
  5. How to regularly see how much commission I have earned through my affiliate link?
    • Ans: Commission earned will be automatically updated and will be visible on the ‘Overview’ tab of the above mentioned affiliates homepage.

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